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Chitika Ads for NON-Search & International Traffic

Chitika publisher can display different ad (such as Google Adsense, Microsofy Ads) for non-search traffic. According to publisher testimonials, chitika is said deliver extremely higher CTR and eCPMs ad revenue. If you are not a chitika publisher try it out. You can Use chitika premium ads as an Google adsense alternative.

Chitika premium ads will only displayed to the search users from the US and Canada( Chitika is planning to add other countries to this list as they get more advertisers.), ie who come to your site via a search engine. If you are a chitika publisher, you can configure your code such a way that you can display alternate ads or just Collapse into nothing if the users are from regular readers(NON-Search Engine traffic).

Chitika has 3 options for NON- Search Engine/International traffic

  1. Collapse into nothing
  2. Show a different ad (such as Google Adsense, Microsoft Ads)
  3. Show Chitika Backfill (Chitika will show non-targeted filler ads)

About Chitika Collapse into nothing

This option will collapse the ad space into nothing, as if nothing is there of your users lands into your page from from non-accepted countries or non-search traffic. This option is recommended, as users will not be bothered with an un-targeted ad.


About Chitika Show a different ad

With this option you can show different ad if the user your users lands into your page from non-accepted countries or non-search traffic. You can choose to display any ads like Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, Microsoft ads, etc. If you want to show alternative ads, provide the alternate URL for the other ad in the text box provided, which inturn automatically append your URL like this ch_alternate_ad_url = “your_alternate _URL” in the code.


If you are a Adsense user, you might want to checkout top adsense alternatives.

About Show Chitika Backfill

The backfill ads are not targeted, Chitika will show non-targeted filler ads. If you have no other alternatives you can set to show chitika backfill ads.

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  • Jonathan January 4, 2011, 7:43 am

    Thanks for the great post. Have just started investigating Chitika and you have made up my mind. Still looking for a good backup apart from Adsense though. Keep up the good work!

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