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IRS2Go App: Check Status of Your Tax Refund

IRS2Go is the IRS’s first smart phone application which allows taxpayers to check on the status of their tax refund. This app is available for Apple( iPhone, iPad, etc) and Android devices.

To use this app , you’ll need the following information as like IRS online “Where’s My Refund?”

  • Social Security number (which will be masked and encrypted )
  • Filing status
  • Expected refund amount

According to IRS,

If you e-file your return, you can check your refund status within a few days. If you file a paper tax return, you will need to wait three to four weeks to check your refund status because it takes longer to process a paper return.

Where to Download the IRS2Go App ?

Apple iPhone, Ipad or iTouch – download IRS2Go app for free at iTunes app store.
Android device, download Android IRS2Go app for free at Android Marketplace.

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