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Bing – Cool Features for Better Searching

Microsoft’s new search engine ‘Bing’ is as good as Google, because of it’s cool features. Bing has much better than expected features.
Bing uses Powerset search technology to display refined versions of the search results on the left side of the page. Checkout the Bing vs Google – Top Comparison.

Here are some of the Bing Features

1. Bing  Search history

You can Turn on Bing search history to start remembering your searches. This feature is different from Google, you don’t even to login to use this cool feature in Bing.

2. Bing Related Searches


This is another Bing Cool feature. For example when you perform search with a keyword Laptop, bing will show related searches with Cheap Laptops, Sony Laptops, Best Cheap Laptop and so on.

3. Bing Logical Categories

For example when you perform search with a keyword Laptop, on the right menu it shows organized logical categories related to laptop like Shopping, Brands, Buying Guide, Top 10 and more.

4. Watch Video Preview in Bing Video Search and Search Results


If your search is related to some videos or use Video search, bing will show you Video Preview in Search Results. When you hover the mouse over the video thumbnail images, it will automatically play a short preview of the video so you don’t have to visit the website where the video clip is hosted.

5. Bing Search Filters

Like other major search engines, Bing allows you to set the search filtering preferences at one of three levels namely strict, moderate or off.

You can choose how you want to filter your results:

  • Strict – Filter sexually explicit content using a strict filter.
  • Moderate – Filter sexually explicit content using a moderate filter.
  • Off – Do not filter search results.
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