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Best Web-Based Email Accounts – Free

There are several free email services available, but these email services will give you a extraordinary user experience. They constantly update their look feel and user experience according to the changing trends. They will provide you plenty of mail storage, effective spam filtering, fast interface and more.

Here is the list

Gmail: Email from GoogleGmail.com

Gmail is the Google approach to email and chat. Gmail has good Ajax based interface. Initially Gmail offers 7GB + of storage space and increasing. You can organize replies into conversations. Gmail has built-in chat, text, voice, or video. Gmail uses labels to help you organize with more flexibility.

Yahoo! Mail: mail.yahoo.com

Yahoo mail is one of the oldest mail services; Yahoo Mail beta has a good Ajax based interface. From 2007 Yahoo mail is offering unlimited storage. You can use Yahoo! Mail chat without downloading additional software ( built-in chat).

Windows Live Hotmail – hotmail.com

Windows Live Hotmail is the successor to MSN Hotmail. Hotmail is one of the largest and oldest e-mail services. It has 5 GB of storage for every account and available in 36 languages. You can IM (chat) through Hotmail.

AOL Mail – mail.aim.com

AOL mail has Unlimited Storage. You can send and receive messages from your mobile device.

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