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Best Twitter Desktop Applications

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service which enables to broadcast short messages (limited to just 140 characters) to your friends, family, co–workers or so called “followers” in real-time.

Here is a list of third party Twitter Desktop Apps that will help you control Twitter from your desktop, without going to your profile page.

  1. Twhirl: Twhirl is a multi-account Twitter desktop application for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX using the AIR platform.
  2. Twitter Gadget by Google – This gadget requires Google Desktop 5 or above.
  3. TwitBOX – TwitBox is a Vista .NET client for the Twitter messaging service.
  4. OutTwit: (Outlook + Twitter = OutTwit) update Twitter using Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Twitteroo: Update Twitter from your PC desktop.
  6. Twitterrific: Read and post Twitter messages from your Mac.
  7. Spaz: Integrates Twitter with Windows and OSX using the AIR platform.
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