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Android Wear – New in Google I/O 2015

Google’s platform for wearables (specifically for smartwatches); Android Wear; has received some reviving upgrades in Google I/O conference this year. More than 4000 apps are available for this platform and they make use of all the capabilities of the device such as accelerometer, heart rate monitor, GPS etc.

We will take some of the features,

  • Use watch without phone
  • Always ON feature
  • Emoji recognizer
  • Easy notifications
  • Launcher
  • Watch faces

Use watch without phone

Improved GPS, offline music and Wi-Fi support allows users to take watch away from phone and use it independently. The connectivity achieved through Wi-Fi still provides on-the-go notifications.

Always ON feature

Always ON feature of the platform allows user to see time at any time without giving any jerk to the hand or any other gesture. This feature is extended for apps as well which allows apps to continue to display on the watch unless user explicitly comes out of it.

Emoji recognizer

This is probably the award winning feature of Android Wear! While chatting, user can draw an emoji using ‘Draw Emoji’ feature. In-built emoji recognizer recognizes and suggests all the similar emoji. This works as a shortcut for navigating through all emoji on such a small screen.

Easy notifications

An intuitive flick gesture of the wrist is used to navigate through all the incoming notifications. No swiping is required.

New launcher

New launcher eases launching of apps, contacts, and voice recognizer.

Numerous watch faces

A lot of third party watch faces are available. Therefore having a favorite watch face is just matter of choice.



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