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Alternative way to access your gmail

iGoogle provides an alternative way to access your gmail. Just add Gmail gadget for iGoogle, it allow you to quickly view and send/reply messages without leaving iGoogle page. You can set Gmail gadget to open your messages in the full version.

If you use Gmail gadget for iGoogle frequently, you will notice that this gadget is missing some of the features from Gmail actual version.

Gmail gadget for iGoogle Limitations

You won’t find Search
You can’t send attachments
You will have only the text composing. you won’t find Rich-text composing
You can’t saving drafts
You can’t delete, report as spam, mark as read, and mark as unread messages
Also, you can’t send email from an alternative email address

Even though, Gmail gadget for iGoogle has certain limitations, this cool gadget will allow you to do basic emailing functionality right from iGoogle.

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