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Alternate Way to Access Gmail

There are occasions where you’d not able to aceesss GMail. If there’s a gmail outage (then you’d see 502 Server Error) or there might be scenario where you want to see your gmail on the fly or you don’t have gmail access in your office/work. In these situations you can access gmail using iGoogle (Google personal homepage app).

Here are the steps.

1. Login your Igoogle and go to the gadgets Directory ( Add stuff » link)
2. Search for gmail gadgets and select the Select the Gmail app (Small version of Google’s free Mail system, which previews your inbox.)


3. After adding, go back to your iGoogle page and your GMail should be appearing in your iGoogle.


Note: After doing all there steps, even if you’re not able to access gmail in your office/work. Try changing the URL from http:// to https://(secure)

From :http://www.google.com/ig

To : https://www.google.com/ig

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