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7 Websites to teach Computer Programming to kids

All of us learn to write but all need not be writers. Similarly, in current era all kids must be aware of computer programming and logic building irrespective of whether they want to become software developers. Here are some websites which help kids learn coding and logic building while having fun.

These websites are not ranked and have been listed in the order based on user reviews.

1. Scratch
Scratch is designed by MIT Media Lab. It has proved to be most innovative and evolving tool for coding and animations through block snapping. Though it is designed for age group 8 to 16, it is used by people from all age groups.
Website: https://scratch.mit.edu

2. Code
Code is aimed towards imparting every student an opportunity to learn computer science. Its Code Studio offering is similar to Scratch where students have to drag and drop logic boxes.
Website: https://code.org

3. Stencyl
Stencyl has a powerful block-snapping interface that allows students to produce games without programming. They can even publish these games on iOS App Store and Google Play.
Website: http://www.stencyl.com

4. Alice
Alice is another drag and drop interface which allows kids to develop 3D animation stories, interactive games and video to share on web. Its drag and drop interface generates an object oriented code.
Website: http://www.alice.org

5. Botlogic
Botlogic has a simple game which helps kids to understand and implement logic process. It is for kids of all age groups. Players are awarded with stars and get to see leaderboards which encourages them to implement logic more skillfully.
Website: http://botlogic.us/

6. Code monster
Code Monster has a very simple interface to learn Java Script. Kids can simply change the function parameters and see the changes in the outcome immediately.
Website: http://www.crunchzilla.com/code-monster

7. Made with code
Made with code is project by Google to encourage girls to computer programming. It has variety of projects suitable for girls of all age groups.
Website: https://www.madewithcode.com

8. Khan Academy
Khan Academy has a course on basic JavaScript which helps students to understand what programming is. Its interactive interface and fun challenges help students to earn knowledge while having fun.
Website: https://www.khanacademy.org

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