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5 Tips to Choose a Webhosting for Business

To suceed in businesses you need serious hosting. You have a high-traffic website or online store.  Now that your site is ready to go live, you need to choose the best web site host. Your host should able to cater your customer needs.

How do you choose the best one ? Here are five tips you should keep in mind when choosing a web host

1.Bandwidth and Diskspace : This is one of the important feature you have to consider. It’s the amount of data transferred by servers for your account, per month. It depends on your site page-views and resource requirement. There are many web host which sells unlimited file storage and unlimited bandwidth. Remember, nothing is FREE in this world. If you have a small business or a personal website, 5 MB, should be enough.

Disk space is the amount of space taken up by your Web site files, e-mail messages, databases, Web logs, and other files on our servers. An average small Web site uses less than 100 MB

2.Reliable? : Is  the web host company reliable? How long have they been in business?. Look for uptime greater than 99.9%. If they provided guaranteed 99.9% uptime which is part of their money back guarantee, it is well and good. Payment Plans- make sure you’re not locked into some long-term contract.

3.Type of OS for hosting : Do you need a UNIX based or Windows based webhosting. I have seen many web hosting companies provides Linux or UNIX operating system-based servers. If you want to run scripting languages like ASP, etc, you might want to choose windows based.

4. Backups : Backup is one of the single most important thing to restore your website should you need at the time of failures. Look for hosting company who provides full backup of your files every night (daily backup). Backup should include web site files, all files in your home directory, e-mail mailboxes and databases etc.

5.Features : All of the features listed may not require for your requirment. But look for basic features like Webmail with POP Access, databases(MySQL, etc., ), Microsoft FrontPage support, Web site statistics, should support Subdomains, SSH/telnet Linux shell access, E-mail spam filtering protection, SSL certificates (secure Web site), Perl CGI script support, etc.,

Note: There are hundreds of web hosts out there, In our opinion Tiger Technologies (tigertech.net) webhosting offers the best web hosting service, checkout the Top 10 Reasons why we Choose TigerTech Web Hosting.

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