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4 reasons why you should buy an iPhone 7

I have been iPhone user since smartphone era. We had almost all the models of iPhone and iPad. Here are the 4 compelling reasons why you should consider buying an iPhone 7


1) Longer battery life

iPhone 7 will have up-to 2 hours of longer battery than iPhone 6s

2) Better low-light photography

Apple has improved camera system, you can get quality pictures in low-light on the iPhone 7/Plus ( check out these stunning US open photos shot using iPhone 7 Plus )

3) Faster A10 Fusion Chip

iPhone 7 models will ship with A10 Fusion processor, a quad-core chip which will be 40% faster than iPhone 6s (A9 chip).

4) Splash & water resistance

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are splash, water, and dust resistant.

more over, iPhone 7 will feature iOS 10 which lets you to express Messages and use Siri in more apps.



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