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How to Calculate Vehicle Mileage (MPG)

odometer,Calculate Vehicle Mileage (MPG)

Here are the simple steps to calculate vehicle mileage –  The number of miles/kilometers traveled by a motor vehicle on a given quantity of fuel.

Calculating Vehicle Mileage (MPG)

  1. Note down the vehicle’s odometer reading (mileage) and fill the vehicle’s gas tank completely. [ “Mileage A” say 30,000 ]
  2. Refill the tank completely with the same gas pump after the vehicle talk is half empty. Again note down the vehicle’s odometer reading (mileage). [ “Mileage B“. say 30,200 ]
  3. Subtract “Mileage B” with “Mileage A” and call this “Mileage C“. [Ex 30,200 – 30,000 = 200 ]
  4. Divide “Mileage C” with the number of gallons or litters it took to fill up your tank. [ex 7 gallons or litters ]

Mileage/gallons or litters = mileage per gallons or litters
i.e 200/7 = 28.57 miles gallons or litters

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