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How do I make Gmail as my Default Email Program?

Whenever you click a mailto: link email address on a web site, do you want to bring up that to your Gmail, Yahoo mail account as default. Here are some simple ways to set Gmail or Yahoo mail as your default email client.

Depending on your browser, Here are options to open mailto:(such as mailto:) links with your favorite online email service.

For Firefox users:

If you use Firefox, it has a built in option to choose using Gmail or Yahoo Mail no matter the operating system you use..

  • Select Tools, then click Options.
  • Click the Applications tab.
  • Look for mailto option
  • Select Use Gmail or Use Yahoo Mail from the drop down list
  • Click OK


now, try the above mailto link

For Chrome users:

  • Install mailto extension, Go to this link and click “+ Add to CHROME” button
  • and select your desired email programe from the list.


now, try the above mailto: link

For Internet Explorer users:
IE users don’t have much options, if you want to choose Gmail as your default mailto handler, do the following

  • Install Gmail Notifier( download it from here)
  • After installing, right-click the Gmail Notifier icon from the Windows system tray
  • Select Options from the menu.
  • Check the “Use Gmail for internet mailto:” option.
  • Click OK.
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