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What are the symptoms of Cataracts ?

Here is the  symptoms of Cataracts which can affect your vision.

* You may have cloudy, fuzzy, or foggy vision.
* You may see glare from lamps or the sun. You may have trouble driving at night because of glare from car headlights.
* You may need frequent changes to your eyeglasses prescription.
* You may get double vision in one eye.
* Your near vision may improve for a short time if you get a cataract. This temporary improvement is called second sight.

Sometimes cataracts do not cause vision problems.

Other causes of cataract include:

* family history of cataracts;
* medical problems, like diabetes;
* injury to the eye;
* medications, especially steroids;
* radiation;
* long-term, unprotected exposure to sunlight;
* previous eye surgery.

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