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How to Attract Adsense advertisers using Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner for publishers tool will help the publishers to attract Google Adsense advertisers. Google Ad Planner’s Publisher Center will help you increase the visibility of your sites to potential advertisers by allowing you to provide details about your sites to help attract advertisers.

Ad Planner is a media planning tool that helps advertisers find sites that cater to their target audiences. You can market your site by choosing upto five categories for your site and ad formats you support.

Based on the information you provide adsense advertisers will be able to identify appropriate sites in their ad campaigns.

First you have to claim your sites and visit the new Google Ad Planner Publisher Center, edit your site info, so that the information will be displayed publicly in Google Ad Planner.

Features you can configure in Google Ad Planner.

Site description – You can highlight your site’s theme, audience and unique benefits.
Advertising Information URL – Provide a URL where people can learn about advertising on your site.
Site Categories – add up to five categories that match your site content.
Ad Placement Type – In-page, Floating etc
Ad Size – Ad size formats you support.

Based your input, advertisers who uses Ad Planner will be able to identify appropriate sites in their placement-targeted ad campaigns. This will help you to make more money with Google Adsense by attracting more advertisers.

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