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How Do I Enable or Disable Google Instant ?

Google Instant is a new search feature that shows results as soon as someone begins to type. This new search gives searcher all the benefits of autocomplete in search results. According to Google, this feature can save 2-5 seconds per search

3 main Features of Google Instant are:

  1. Faster searches
  2. Smarter Predictions
  3. Instant results

According to Google, before Google Instant, the typical searcher took more than 9 seconds to enter a search term, and searches that took 30-90 seconds to type. Using Google Instant can save 2-5 seconds per search.

How to Enable/ Disable Google Instant


  • You can turn off or turn on Google Instant easily, to do just click the link next to the search box on any search results page (see above picture), or visit your Google Preferences page.

Enable/ Disable Google Instant in Preferences page

Visit your Preferences page and check one of the following check box to enable or disable Google Instant.
Go into search preferences. Scroll down. It is the last option you can set before you get to the subscribe stuff.

  • Use Google Instant — predictions and results appear while typing
  • Do not use Google Instant
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  • Taelin September 25, 2012, 7:23 pm

    How can I turn off prediction in google maps?

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