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Finding emails with Gmail advanced search

If you are gmail user you can use the advanced search feature to search emails effectively. For example I can search emails for certain period of times, email received from a particular sender, search all email send to a person, messages that were cc-ed(or bcc-ed), messages from a sender that has an attachment and more. This can be acheived using the search operators. This will allow you to search email searching effectively.

Gmail advanced search examples

from:john – Search email message from a particular sender
to:john – search all email messages send to a person

after:2009/01/01 before:2009/01/25 – email sent between Jan 01, 2009 and Jan 25, 2009 only (date format yyyy/mm/dd )
subject: meeting – Search for words in the subject line
from:John has:attachment – Email messages from mike that have an attachment

is:chat photo – Any chat message including the word “photo”
cc:john – Email that were cc-ed to john
bcc:john – Email that were bcc-ed to john

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