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Will your PC = your TV?

220_tv-or-pc.jpgNow a days lots of people spend hours and hours of their time before pc monitors. Apart from word processing and spreadsheets,Monitors have other uses,like showing movies and entertainment. But there exists few problems in converting your monitor into a desktop TV. There is still a lot of work to be done in merging the TV and computer.

The first problem is colour. The PC uses different colours than television. Colours are often pale on television, When transmitted digitally, colours can be too intense and will not give a good picture.

PC’s deliver good images, but they are not good when it comes to tv transmissions. Pictures look artificial and blurred. PC monitors aren’t designed for fast moving pictures.
Another big problem is pc monitors donot come with remote controls.in case of sound too, pc monitors with loudspeakers are not suitable.

Different screen proportions also make the jump from computer monitor to television difficult.Buying pc monitors with tv quality, one should look for highest resolution ,pixels and with multifunctional devices like,DVD ,video recorders,etc.
Buyers must decide on pc or television resolutions. Viewers who need vibrant colours and sharp pictures should stick with standard TV sets.For others with a problem of space,they can look out for compremise.

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