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Ways To Fight Rising Food Prices – Lower Grocery Bill

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Consumers around the world are feeling the pinch of high food costs and many have changed their eating and shopping habits, according to the Food Marketing Institute’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report for 2008.

As concerns about rising food costs continue to grow, consumers can take some simple steps to save money on their grocery bills. Here is the 22 ways to fight rising food prices to lower your grocery bills.

1. Eat at Home
2. Shop With a Plan – prepare a shopping list before you leave home
3. Put on Blinders – keep to your planned list of needed foods
4. Eat Before You Shop – When you are hungry, likelihood that you are going to fill you cart with unnecessary and expensive purchases
5. Avoid Prepared Foods – kids increase the shopping time, Every extra minute increases the likelihood of extra items
6. Skip the Bottled Water
7. Shop Without the Kids
8. Buy in Bulk
9. Use Store Reward Cards
10. Use Coupons
11. Buy Locally -Locally grown or produced food is often available at a cheaper price
12. Look Down – To find less expensive items, look down.
13. Avoid the End Caps and Checkout Temptations
14. Compare Prices and Stores
15. Shop for Sales
16. Watch “Best Before” or “Sell By” Dates
17. Substitute Recipe Items
18. Keep Your Kitchen Stocked
19. Shop Infrequently
20. Pay Attention To Time
21. Pay In Cash – To avoid interest on the Credit card purchase(if you are a late payer)
22. Check Your Bill

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