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NDTV lifestyle channel: ‘NDTV Good Times’

ndtvgoodtimes.jpgNDTV Group is bringing 4 channels. Channel for Lifestyle’s called ‘NDTV Good Times’, a news channel in Kuala Lumpur for joint venture partner Astro, a channel for the Middle East, and Metro nation.

NDTV lifestyle channel will be in association with the UB Group. NDTV Good Times, it is a free-on-air channel that will start 7 September, and target a widely cosmopolitan audience. NDTV Good Times logo bears the characteristic Kingfisher bird at the top left corner against a red backdrop.

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  • shivali chawla December 9, 2007, 1:37 am

    its really good entertaining channel ..full of advancements and required informations ,fun required for a youth to be sticked in front of one channel..i really like rajats show ‘LoUnge’.great going keep it up!

  • dhaval soneji September 9, 2008, 11:47 am

    It’s a very good channel. and all programs i see but all of them my favourite is only & only one “LOUNGE”…… WITH RAJAT KAPPOR.IT’S a nice because of all of the subjects, which are mature and and a little thing which i ignored in that to focus on it so it i very intersting…

  • Dilip Tandel September 10, 2008, 12:23 pm

    It’s THE most watched channel by our family. But some things are rather annoying and irritating and as a pregressive,professional media I hope you guys’ll take note of my suggestions and take necessary actions.
    1)The background music/fillers are rather loud-and often startling. Do YOU need SUCH means to keep your viewers glued to your channel? Frankly, you dont need to-you are better off without such crude things.
    2)Gadget-guru is too good.It contains a lot many new and interesting things to be learnt and absorbed and assimilated for a lay-man. On the other hand, the presenters talk too fast in this programme.They rattle off their lines as if their life depends upon just finishing off the day’s lines.And also remember that your programmes are watched and liked by people who are not too good at English language.
    3)Picture Perfect is one good programme.But it’s own photography/videography should be technically and aesthetically better.Regular multi-images of the anchor is a cheap gimmick and is rather un-neessary.And does anybody really think that the desperate attempts of showing her cleavage(!) serve ANY purpose?Isn’t there any different styling of her hair which can make her look better?Isn’t the anchor hereself dominating the frames visually and verbally all the time?We dont want to see the extent and number of videographic gimmicks of the cameramen who shoot this programme. We are interested in the featured photographers’,their skills,opinions, ways of working and not in the anchor,her opinions and knowledge and gimmicky shoot of the programme itself.
    4)In High Spirits is good except for too loud backgrounf music and short time allocated for the recipies and their too fast narrations.I would appreciate a section in it dedicated to enlightening Indian viewers about the art of appreciating drinks, taking into consideration the products available in India .
    I hope I haven’t hurt anybody by my rather frank write-up, I’m sorry if at all I have. My only intention is to make my favourite channel better.

  • Meghna May 28, 2011, 8:47 am

    I am a regular follower of your channel & watch most of your shows , especially those related to food ….
    Just wanted to know one thing , how can we contact Rocky & Mayur to come over to our resturant / dhaba ?
    plz do let me know …

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