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How To Avoid Online Auction Fraud ?

Most complaints to authorities regarding online auction fraud is that the products that never arrive, arrive with damage or not worth as promised. Online auction fraud typically involves items like laptop computers or HD TV’s, but not exclusively.

Apart from investigating the seller’s entire (eBay) store, Asking the seller as many questions as possible is another crucial element to safeguarding your money against Online Auction Scams.

Here is the 10 list of items you should keep in mind and follow while doing online purchase to avoid online auction scams, according to Forbes magazibe

  • Read Online Guidebooks
  • Ask The Seller Questions
  • Check The Date Code/Serial Number
  • Investigate The Seller’s Other Items
  • Thoroughly Examine The Seller’s History
  • Read The Item Description Carefully
  • Be Careful With Smaller, Niche Brands
  • Examine The Images Carefully
  • Search For Power Sellers
  • Use Your Instincts

To report Internet fraud, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission: (877) FTC-HELP (877-382-4357 or www.ftc.gov). You can also contact Internet Fraud Watch (www.fraud.org).

[ How To Avoid Online Auction Scams ]

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