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Effect of Whole Foods lower prices

Using live mobile phone location data, Thasos real-time location data company analyzed the customer growth of Amazon’s Whole Foods. Here are the key findings since the price reduction beginning on August 28.

  • Whole Foods Foot traffic increased 17% during the week of the price on August 28.

Whole Foods attracted new customers from the following stores:

  • Walmart: 24%
  • Kroger: 16%
  • Costco: 15%

Highest rates of customer defection to Whole Foods are from the following stores

  • Trader Joe’s: 10%
  • Sprouts: 8%
  • Target: 3%

Basically Whole Foods attracted wealthiest regular customers from Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and Target since the price reduction since Amazon acquired Whole Foods and implemented price reductions.

[ via thasosgroup.com/insights, download full report here ]

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