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YouTube Kids on Smart TV – LG, Samsung & Sony

Kids can watch child-appropriate YouTube content (called YouTube Kids) on select Smart TVs. YouTube Kids is available on smart TVs like LG, Samsung, Sony and coming soon for Android TV. The content on YouTube Kids’ is filtered by algorithms. YouTube Kids is build for younger audience. It provides a safer version of YouTube for kids, which includes popular children’s videos, family-friendly videos with limited paid advertisements.


You can control your YouTube Kids on TV settings in parental settings. You can also clear history on the YouTube Kids on TV.

The YouTube Kids on TV is available on the following TV’s:

LG webOS TVs – via the LG content store (all 2015-2017 LG webOS TVs ).

Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players – via Samsung App Store(all 2013-2017 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players )

Sony TVs – all 2016-2017 Sony TVs, except Android TV which will be available soon

for more information visit YouTube Kids on TV

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