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Why would I buy an Apple Watch Series 4 ?

Till now apple watch was good for counting steps, quickly check messages and email. But, Apple Watch 4 has introduced many features which compels me to buy.  Here are the reasons why would I buy an Apple Watch Series 4.

Heart Rate Sensor


Apple Watch Series 4 will feature an electrical heart rate sensor that will monitor your heart rate and take an electrocardiogram (ECG) using the ECG app. You have to just hold a finger on the side of the Digital Crown, and it will take your reading. This feature is approved by the FDA and endorsed by the American Heart Association. This can provides critical data for doctors.

Fall detection sensor


With the help of accelerometer and gyroscope, Apple Watch 4 can detect that you’ve fallen. If you are unresponsive for 60 seconds an emergency call will be placed automatically and it can send a message with your location to your emergency contacts.

Design and Display


Apple Watch 4 has a beautiful display that is thinner than Apple watch 3. It has curved corners with larger display to navigate things easily.  Digital Crown will give you an easy way to navigate without obstructing the display. Look and feel of Apple watch 4 is beautiful.

These are the compelling reasons I can think which will make me to buy the Apple watch 4. If you think of any other reason leave a comment to tell us.

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