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Why upgrade to iOS 5 ?

Should I Upgrade iOS 5 right away? Here are a few reasons why you may want to upgrade your iPhone, iPod and iPad Operating System to the new iOS 5 ? ( Checkout list of new Features in Apple iOS5 Software Update)


Reasons to Upgrade

Here’s why you should upgrade to iOS 5

iMessage – Free SMS over wi-fi and 3G instead of traditional SMS messages. You can send unlimited text messages from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to anyone who has iOS 5 devices, it means you don’t need to have your SMS plan which will save on your phone bill. iMessage is built into the iOS Messages app which allows you send text/SMS, photos, videos for free.

Sync wirelessly – No need to connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using a wire to sync to load music, movies to your device. You can wirelessly sync your iOS device to your Mac or PC over a shared Wi-Fi connection.

Notification Center – Get all your alerts (emails, SMS, Facebook requests, reminders, etc) in a single Notification Center. This allows your to keep track of them all in one location instead of

AirPlay – Streaming and mirror anything from your iOS device straight to your TV using Apple TV.

iCloud – Back up and restore your device automatically using iCloud. Download iOS updates directly on your device. iCloud is a cloud-based media storage and streaming services offering from Apple which lets you to store apps, documents and music on the Cloud

Twitter Integration – Twitter is integrated into iOS 5, which allows you to tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, etc

Access Camera from Lock screen – You can capture your those unexpected moments at a moment’s notice..

iOS 5 will work on the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod touch 3rd generation
  • iPod touch 4th generation
  • iPad
  • iPad 2

According to Apple, iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features, including include newsstand, location-based reminders, enhanced photo enhancements, safari enhancements (read articles without ad clutter).  At the end of the day, looking at the huge list of new features, it’s worth the upgrade.

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