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Which iPad case should I buy?

Where can I find a good folding leather case cover for my iPad 2?

I have recently bought Bear Motion Leather Folio Case for my iPad2, I have been completely satisfied with the product after using the case for about a month.

There are many protection case cover available in the marker, Here are three popular iPad 2 Covers that you can consider buying.

1) Bear Motion Leather Folio Case for iPad 2


This is one of the top-selling iPad 2 folio style leather case that helps you get the most from iPad. From my personal experience, this cover is great for iPad2. It is perfect for those who want professional looking leather case.

It looks professional, only issue I found with this cover is that you have to kind of push your way in their to reach iPad volume buttons.


  • Folio/portfolio type case
  • Energy-saving Sleep/Awake functionality – It will put your iPad 2 to sleep mode when the cover is closed and it wakes it up when the cover is opened ( same sleep/awake function as the Apple Smart Covers)
  • Built in stand
  • Quality leather
  • two slots for business cards
  • All features are accessible (all ports and camera )
  • Specifically designed for the iPad 2

Price : Moderate – $35.99
Link :  Bear Motion Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2 2nd Generation Folio

2) Sena Florence iPad 2 Designer Leather Case


Sena Florence iPad 2 folio case is made using handcrafted European leather. Sena makes luxury leather cases for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Palm, Amazon Kindly Android and other major mobile brands.


  • The Florence iPad 2 case is foldable genuine leather case is made of premium European leather providing a soft layer to gently protect your iPad 2
  • It has the same sleep/awake function as the Apple Smart Covers (Energy-saving Sleep/Awake functionality).
  • Sena Florence iPad 2 case is available in Black, Tan, Red and Brown.

Price : Pricey, but worth it – $69.99
Link : Sena Florence Apple iPad 2 genuine leather case

3) Acase Apple iPad 2 Leather Flip Book Jacket/folio



  • Acase Apple iPad 2 is a multi view case with stand for the iPad 2. It is designed to convert into a viewing stand with up to four multiple viewing angles in the landscape position.

Price : Economical – $19.99
Link : Acase Apple iPad 2 Leather Flip Book

Note: Make sure to buy the case/cover case that was specifically made for your particular version of the iPad (1st generation iPad, iPad2, etc )

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