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Which AT&T Data Plan to Choose? DataPlus ($15) or DataPro ($25)

AT&T eliminated their $30/month unlimited plan for new iPhone customers starting on June 7 2010( existing customer can keep it until their contract period). New iPhone (and other smartphone) customers have these 2 option DataPlus 200 MB or DataPro 2 GB.

AT&T indicating that current customers may keep the $30/month unlimited plan even when they upgrade to a new iPhone:

DataPlus 200 MB for iPhone DataPro 2 GB for iPhone
Cost: $15.00 Cost: $25.00
What if you go over 200 MB data plan? If 200MB is exceeded, an additional 200MB is automatically provided at a rate of $15 for each additional 200MB. What if you go over 2 GB dat aplan? If 2 GB is exceeded, an additional 1 GB is automatically provided at a rate of $10 for each additional 1 GB.

Existing Customer:

Can I downgrade my AT&T data plan and Which plan is best for me ? : If you are a existing customer, login to your wireless account and click Past usage data details, you will get to see a nice report which will show you data usage trend.

Ideally my data usage was between 220MB to 300MB per month, so I have to choose DataPro($25 permonth).

So, If your usage is below 200MB per month, go for DataPlus, else choose DataPro.

New Customer:

Choose DataPlus 200 MB for few months, if the usage is higher go ahead and upgrade to DataPro 2 GB ( also you can choose to do reverse !!!!!)

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