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What is Google TV Ads?

What is Google TV Ads (Television Advertising) ?

Google’s TV advertising (Google TV Ads) platform lets TV advertisers target specific channels and shows. It is auction-based systems where you choose the price you are willing to pay for the ads. Google allows you to launch TV advertising campaign using Google Adwords interface, where advertisers can bid for specific shows.

With Adwords interface, you can choose the networks, times, and programs where your Ad want your appear. That is, you can choose to telecast you ad in a specific TV Channel between 7 and midnight on Tuesday nights. It is a auction-based system where you choose the price you are willing to pay for the ads, where your ad then competes with other ads to show in the same spot or the inventory. You will get to see the detailed ad impressions and other details after your ad airs.

Pay only for the impressions, bid for specific TV shows :

Since Google TV Ads is a auction-based pricing system, you only pay for impressions that are actually delivered to your ad and bid for specific TV shows. You can bid the maximum price per 1,000 impressions with CPM pricing ( check advertising pricing glossary).

Target the right audience :

There are 4 attribute category options (Viewers, Household, Interests and Combinations – PRIZM) which will allow you to target your ads for a particular audiences , region or interest-based targeting.

Viewership Details:

Adwords interface will you see the viewer ship details from the millions of set-top-boxes. This will give you insight into how many viewers watched each ad until the end. That is, Adwords identifies will not only show how many people saw the ads, but also the demographics of the audience.

Compete for national and local ad spots:

Google TV Ads allows you to buy national spots and can also buy local spots from our delivery partner. But, Google TV Ads doesn’t currently allow advertisers to target ads to specific cities, states, or other regions

Google TV Ads – Advantage small business owners:

Television advertising has been out of reach of many small business owners. With Google TV Ads, small business can get their business ads in front of people in their local market or nationwide at a fraction of the cost what they would pay via traditional television advertisement.

Google TV Ads is currently available only to advertisers located in the United States who pay in U.S. dollars. Want to learn more about the Google TV ads? You can find the information on the Google TV Ads here.

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  • Bert Ernfeld August 17, 2011, 10:03 pm

    Google TV Ads doesn’t even answer inquiries about this “service” anymore.  I tried multiple times but they don’t respond.  I think they dropped the ball like they have with so many of their other experiments.  Going with the dot com Cheap TV Spots which  got back to me within an hour.

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