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What is Android Market ?

Android Market is an online software store developed by Google (similar to Apple’s App Store) where one can download applications made for the Android operating system. To access, Click the Market icon from your phone’s Applications screen (“Market” is pre-installed on most Android devices) or can access Android Market from any web browser at http://market.android.com



Some applications are free to download while others will cost you to download.

Who can publish App’s in Android Market ?

Unlike Apple’s App Store, Android Market allows any developer to post any application. Android app developers can join market in 3 steps ( Register, upload, and publish) — There is no approval process or certification required.

Key features of Android Market

  • Android Market is open to any developer
  • Developer’s can join Market in 3 easy steps: Register, upload, and publish
  • Choice of free and paid applications

If you are an Android app user, you can email Android Market Support about issues you’re experiencing with free apps, paid apps, or report an inappropriate app.

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