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Should I buy an iPhone 4G ? Consumer Reports says don’t buy

Consumer Reports is not recommending iPhone 4 because of its poor reception when the phone is held in a certain way. If you wrap your antenna its signal strength is said to be affected if the device is touched in a certain way.

It was reported that using a bumber or a case helps the signal loss. So, Consumer Reports labs has tested the iPhone 4 with the case (price at $29 by apple) and confirmed that it does fix antenna problems. Consumer Reports proved that bumber solved the signal loss problem, but case sold by apple failed (see video below).

Major iPhone 4G reports were

  • Iphone 4G poor signal reception
  • Iphone 4G screen flickers
  • Iphone 4G Bluetooth signal drop out
  • iPhone screen freezng or not responding issue
  • iPhone slows down after iOS 4.0 Update

Checkout possible fix for iPhone screen freezing or not responding issue and iPhone4G slows down after iOS 4.0 update.

This is what Consumer Reports said in it’s blog

The Bottom Line: The Bumper solves the signal-strength problem. So does a piece of duct tape, as we reported earlier, or just being careful how you hold the phone. But these options all put the onus on consumers to solve or pay for a fix. We’re still calling on Apple to provide an acceptable free solution to the iPhone 4’s signal-loss problem.

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Consumer Reports review — iPhone 4 signal-loss problem

Bottom line: Consumer Reports has refused to recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers, until apple comes with a fix. Apple is expected to announce fix for its signal loss and Consumer Reports lab will test the device for further issues. So, wait for Consumer Reports recommendation to buy iPhone.

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