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Samsung Instinct Vs iPhone 3G- Comparision

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In USA Sprint career gets the new iPhone Killer, Samsung Instinct Internet-enabled multimedia smartphone. The Samsung Instinct is Sprint latest answer to Apple’s iPhone offered by AT&T. The Instinct supports both EV-DO Rev. A, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity and visual voice mail. There is also an external memory card slot that supports up to 8GB.

Here is the comparison between Samsung Instinct VS iPhone 3G featured at Wired

  1. Fast Internet
    Winner: iPhone 3G
  2. Live TV
    Winner: Instinct
  3. GPS
    Winner: iPhone
  4. Shoot Video
    Winner: Instinct
  5. Music Download
    Result: Draw

[ Wired.com- Marketing Showdown: Samsung Instinct vs iPhone 3G ]

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