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Pokéland – Pokémon Game FAQ

Pokéland is a new Pokémon mobile app

“Pocketland” is a new Pokémon mobile game app that collects many Pokemon by exploring various islands with the toy’s Pokemon. Pokéland will feature 6 islands, 52 different stages, and 134 types of Pocket Monsters.

Pokeland requires internet connection to play and uses your Nintendo Account (your Mii can appear in Pokéland). .


Currently this app available for alpha test in Japan for Android version: 4.4 or higher (no Pokéland alpha test on iOS devices ).  During the alpha launch, players of Pokéland will be able to progress to the 15th floor of the Champion Tower. The alpha runs until June 9 in Japan and will be released to international later.


Pocketland FAQ

Here is the Pocketland FAQ in English ( translated from Japanese version of the site http://www.pokeland.jp/)

About Pocketland

What kind of game is “Pocketland”?
By exploring various islands with the toy’s Pokemon, It is a game that collects many Pokemon.

“Pocketland” How can everyone play alpha test?
You can play by installing it on your smartphone. To install it please download it from Google Play.

There is a limit to the number of people who can install during the test.

Can “Pocketland” play offline?
It will be online only. Please try to play in a place with good line connection.

How can I recover how many times I can detect?
The number of times the detector can detect can be recovered once every 30 minutes.
In addition, it is possible to recover once by P or to recover the whole by using a diamond.

How can I get P?
You can get it by clearing the stage or opening the treasure box.
In addition, you can get it by getting naughty with Pokemon.

How can I strengthen Pokemon?
When the rank becomes 8, you can strengthen Pokemon by using gear and P at the facility on the event island.
There are limitations on the number of times you can strengthen Pokemon.
Also, please note that Pokemon that can be used for each gear is different.

How do I get gears?
Once you open the treasure box you can get it occasionally. You can also obtain it by handing Pokemon to Dr. at Event Facility.

Can I increase the number of islands to explore?
Islands can be increased by exchanging “maps” with diamonds at shops.


Pokéland – System

What about supported terminals?
Terminals with OS version of Android 4.4 or higher are eligible.
Even if Android 4.4 or higher it may not work on some terminals. Please note.
Please see the OS version of the terminal from the settings of your terminal > Terminal information.

Can I switch between Nintendo accounts with one?
It is not possible to switch accounts and play with one terminal.

What should I do if I want to play with my previous game data when I change the terminal?
In taking over the game data, by using the Nintendo account,
It is possible to take over data and play.

The game does not work properly!
If the game does not work properly, please try exiting the application once and try restarting.
If it still does not work, I hope you can contact us from the defect report form.

What happens if I delete “Pocketland” from my device?
Deleting Pocketland without linking to a Nintendo account will delete all game data.
Please note once deleted, you can not restore the data.

Nintendo Account for Pokéland

What is a Nintendo account?
It is an account necessary for using various services of Nintendo. Registration is free ( https://accounts.nintendo.com ).
In “Pocketland”, it is possible to cooperate in the following way.
Home > Open > Menu > Account Settings > Collaboration with Nintendo Account

What kind of things can you do with collaborating with Nintendo account?

By linking “Pocketland” with a Nintendo account, you will be able to do the following.
Use the same save data with multiple terminals
Moving saved data
You will be able to make Mii appear in “Pocketland” that you have registered for Nintendo account.

I forgot my Nintendo account password …
If you forget your Nintendo account password, you can reset it from ” Forgot your password ” on the Nintendo account login screen.

Can I cancel cooperation with a linked Nintendo account or switch to another Nintendo account?
Once collaboration with the cooperating Nintendo account can not be canceled.
Also, once linking with a Nintendo account you will not be able to switch to another Nintendo account unless you deleted “Pocketland” game data.
* You can switch to another Nintendo account by deleting “Pokeland” data.

Can I start over from the beginning with “Pocketland” in cooperation with a Nintendo account?
By deleting the game data of “Pocketland”, it is possible to play “Pocketland” again from the beginning.
You can delete game data by the following procedure.
Home > Open > Menu > Account settings > Initialize game data
※ If you delete game data, please note that you can not restore data.

Can I use one “Pocketland” data with multiple Nintendo accounts?
With multiple Nintendo accounts, you can not play one “Pocketland” game data.

for more information visit http://www.pokeland.jp/

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