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Now Chat, SMS via Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo added 2 new features in its new Yahoo! Mail service

First , Yahoo Mail users can now choose to send IM’s to mobile phone numbers in the US, Canada, India and the Philippines without leaving Yahoo! mail site. Simply enter the mobile number you would like to send the SMS to, type a message and click send. That’s simple.


The second new feature is the ability to send an Instant Message (IM) from the Yahoo Mail interface straight to Yahoo messenger or Windows Live Messenger(Like Gmail feature). This opens the door to millions of other IM users out there, straight from the Yahoo! Mail interface. These features are just a few more ways for people to connect online.

You should have yahoo beta to use this new Features. If you don’t have yahoo beta, Click ‘options’ button and click “The new Yahoo! Mail has arrived! Try it now!” to switch to yahoo beta.

If you are SMS geek then Yahoo Mail is the way to go.

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