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Mac OS X El Capitan – New Enhancements

Mac OS X 10.11 – El Capitan – New Enhancements

In 2015 WWDC, Apple announced next version of its desktop OS, OS X 10.11 named El Capitan. In this version, Apple has improved user experience and performance of its earlier version OS X 10.10.x i.e. Yosemite.

Finding the cursor

Many times users struggle to find the cursor on the screen because of excessive crowding. So a new enhancement zooms the cursor when user shakes back and forth on the trackpad or gives a shake to the mouse.

Split screen view

Split view helps focusing on two apps simultaneously. In this view, user can snip 2 apps simultaneously in such a way that screen is occupied with the view of the two apps. This minimizes app switching and improves multitasking ability. User can also resize snipped apps.

Mission control

A single swipe gesture on trackpad arranges all the open windows on the desktop in a single layer with no stacking and no hidden windows. Mission control places the windows relatively at the same location hence it becomes easy to find the window. If there can many windows then user can drag them at the top of the desktop and can even snip to other app.

Language support

Mac now supports new font system for Chinese and Japanese. The readability for Traditional and Simplified Chinese fonts has improved. Inputting these characters using keyboard is now easy with the help of improved language prediction engine, updated vocabulary lists and smarter candidate window which shows more character selection. Even trackpad now allows and understands writings of the multiple characters.

Enhancements in apps

There are number of improvements to the apps. Few of the selected ones are:

The search of Spotlight has improved to give search results from web, stocks, weather, sports and many such domains.

Mail app can be used full-screen and new gestures help to manage mailbox. Managing contacts and calendar events has also become easy.

Organizing, searching and editing photos in Photos app has improved with new organization and editing tools.

Photos, links, locations, maps – everything can be now added to notes in new powerful Notes app and can be backed up on iCloud.

For detailed information on all the enhancements refer to http://www.apple.com/osx/elcapitan-preview/

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