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List of Mobile Operating Systems (Mobile OS)

A mobile operating system (Mobile OS) is the software operating system that operates on mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, and hand-held computers. Mobile OS is a mobile version of an operating system found on computers.

Here is the list of most common operating systems (OS) found on smartphones and it’s manufacturers.

  • Symbian OS – Nokia’s Cell Phone operating system
  • Android OS – Google’s free, open-source cellphone operating system
  • iPhone OS (iOS ) – Apple’s mobile operating system
  • BlackBerry OS – Proprietary mobile operating system, developed by Research In Motion for its BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone 7 ( Windows Mobile ) – Mobile operating system developed by Microsoft
  • Palm OS (Garnet OS)– mobile operating system initially developed by Palm
  • Palm webOS – Mobile operating system from HP/Palm
  • Bada – Mobile operating system developed by Samsung Electronics
  • Maemo OS – from Nokia (open source, GPL)
  • MeeGo OS – from Nokia and Intel (open source, GPL)
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    how to install nokia 3110c operating system

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