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iPhone 3G Poor Reception Due to Network Weaknesses


Survey conducted by Wired Magazine revealed that 3G Apple iPhone users who are experiencing poor reception is due to the the fault of the carriers that provide service, rather than the fault of 3G iPhone devices. 3G iPhone users from US have been complaining about the speed.

Here is the experts from the from the survey.

  • 3G iPhone users from United States have been complaining about the speed
  • Canadians are satisfied with the service that they get from Rogers. — Canadian rogers currently holds the record of the second fastest network speed around the globe.
  • European countries such as Netherlands and Germany have an average download speed of 1,883 kilobits.
  • AT&T’s network, the average speed is only 990 kilobits.
  • Australian carriers Optus and Virgin users reported the slowest speeds of about 390 Kbps on average.

[ Wired.com’s iPhone 3G Survey Reveals Network Weaknesses ]

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