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How to synchronize subtitles in VLC media player?

Subtitles can be extremely annoying when they are out of sync. Here are few easy steps to synchronize subtitles with the video when it is played in VLC media player.

Assuming that the video and its subtitle file both are open in the player (you can simply drag subtitles file on to the player or use menu option ‘Media’ -> ‘Open file’), first thing we need to do is observe the difference in the timing of the subtitle and the video. It can get difficult for the videos in foreign language. But with careful observation, we can manage to find out approximate gap.

Shortcut keys

Keyboard keys g and h can be used to advance and delay subtitles respectively in the steps of 50ms. The effect is shown on the top right hand corner immediately. When the subtitles are advanced, delay is shown as a negative value.


The keys can be long pressed to synchronize the subtitles faster. However, if there is too huge difference, this method could prove slow. You may observe slowing of video while the synchronization is going on.

Using Synchronization Tool

Click on ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Track Synchronization’.


A pop-up appears which allows you to synchronize the subtitles.


Adjust the difference value in ‘Subtitle track synchronization’ field. Negative values are used to delay subtitles and negative values for advancing. The speed of the subtitles can also be adjusted using ‘Subtitle speed’. Remember to click on refresh button at the right hand top corner and then you can close the window. Sometimes after this change, subtitles may not get displayed for some time.

While synchronization in this manner proves useful, it is a temporary one. Next time the video is opened, subtitles are needed to be synchronized again.

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