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How to Share your iTunes Music Library using Home Sharing

Home Sharing feature in iTunes 9 allows you to share songs and movies  on your local network (home computer) running iTunes. Basically you can browse the iTunes libraries from any family member’s computer ( up to 5 authorized computers).

How to use iTunes home sharing

1. Open iTunes 9 and Click Home sharing

2. Enter iTunes account name, password and click Create home share button.


3. Now, Go to iTunes 9 in each computer on your home and sign on Home Sharing using the same iTunes account.


4. That’s it, you will see the list of playlist, with the home picture as shown below.


Just click the iTunes library you would like to see and play. You can copy files from the shared library to your music library.

If you want to automatically add any new purchases from the selected library to your new library, Click settings and enable it.

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