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How to move music onto your Apple iPhone from iTunes Library ?

iTunes program allows you to transfer songs between your computer and your iPhone. ITunes sync process will sync( move ) new songs on your computer to the iPhone, and also new songs from your iPhone to your computer( moving files to itune library ). Here is how to copy music onto your Apple iPhone from iTunes.

How to sync your music library with an iPhone

1) Create a new iTunes Playlist and drag and drop the folder containing the songs into the Playlist.

  • Certain times you don’t want to add every song in your iTunes library to your iPhone, so create a playlist with your desired songs. With a playlist, you choose which songs to play and the order in which to play them.

2) Plug in your iPhone to the computer USB port using the included cable.

  • iTunes screen will be automatically displayed when you plug in your iPhone

3) Click Music tab


4) Check Sync Music box and select the new iPhone playlist created by you in step 1.

  • This will allow the software to sync just the playlists from selected ones on your computer.

4) Now click Sync in iTunes


  • That’s it, now it will synchronize your iTunes playlist with the iPhone music library.

If you don’t have iTunes, get it for either the PC or the Mac here.

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