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How to keep your mobile devices safe?

How do I Keep my smartphones and tablets safe and secure ?

It’s important to keep your smartphone safe and secure. Almost everyone has a smartphone; iPads, Android tablets now leading the market. You can minimize the risk of hacker stealing sensitive information by following these essential tips.

  • Lock your mobile device. Use ‘Passcode Lock’ feature to protect your mobile device with a secure password.
  • Always lock your device when it’s not in use (set it to auto-lock feature)
  • Keep your Operating System and apps up to date
  • Download only legitimacy apps, Avoid questionable apps
  • Do not jailbreak or modify your device
  • Back up your data (Example. iPhone, iPad and iPod data can be backed up by iTunes; Android data can be backed up to the secure cloud storage)
  • If available, install mobile antivirus software on your device
  • If available, encrypt the data
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