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How do I protect Smartphone from malware ?

As a desktop OS, a smartphone OS is also susceptible to malware attacks in spite of having robust security architecture. Studies have shown that almost 90-95% of the users are unaware of this fact and thus do not use any security mechanism for their smartphones. Most of the time users cannot even determine whether their phone is infected with any malware.

How to detect if my phone has malware?

  • High rate of battery drainage – Frequent advertisements in the apps causes battery drainage. This is how a free app is not literally ‘free’!
  • Heavy usage of data without user’s knowledge – A malware might download malicious content or upload your personal data to servers resulting in heavy data usage
  • High phone bill – A malware might send messages to unauthorized numbers without user’s notice
  • Degraded performance – This is very common and typical behavior of a virus
  • Frequent dropping of calls – Malware cause user disruption by blocking network connectivity, consequently dropping of calls

(Image : malwarebytes.org)

Preventive measures

Some of the preventive measures can help you to protect your phone from any sort of malware attack.

  • Avoid installing application from unauthorized app stores
  • While using Bluetooth transfers, accept content from known source only
  • Verify the author/publisher before installing the apps
  • Check app permissions thoroughly before installing an application. If you observe that an app has declared unnecessary permissions, refrain from installing such apps
  • Do not indulge in privilege escalation practices like rooting for Android and Jailbreaking for iOS. This allows users to install uncertified apps or apps from unknown sources.
  • Avoid apps which display advertises enormously
  • Use a legitimate antivirus app  (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile , Android Mobile Security apps )

Apart from malware attacks, we also need to safeguard our personal data. It is the most sensitive information hackers look for.

  • Keep minimal personal data on your phone.
  • Encrypt saved data
  • Be well-versed with how to erase data on your phone remotely. It helps securing the data in case of loss of phone.

How to Remove Malware

In case you find that your phone has got a malware, what would you do?

  • Install a malware removal app (360 Security, AVG Mobile )
  • Factory reset your phone so that all the installed apps automatically get wiped off and your phone resumes afresh.
    As you can see, it is quite easy to keep your phone protected from malwares!

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