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How Do I Protect My Mobile Devices ?

Here are a few tips to protect your mobile devices and it’s data from theft,

If available, set the “Auto Lock”/”Lock phone after” feature on

Keep your device’s operating system and Apps updated – Update could address vulnerabilities found in the software.

Create a strong password. Something difficult for others to guess.

Always cautious about what applications you download – Download apps from reputable provider.

Don’t “jailbreak” –This leaves your device more vulnerable to attacks and void your device warranties.

Use secured wi-fi networks and ensure it does not automatically connect to new networks – Your cellular carrier network and your WPA/ WEP Encryption enabled wi-fi is the best choice.

Turn on device tracking app – Find My iPhone(iOS) or Android Device Manager – If your device is lost or stolen, these apps will help you to track or erase the data on it remotely.

If you lose your phone, Report to your wireless carrier immediately.

Regularly backup photos and data – Backing up data is vital if your device is stolen or lost. Regularly backup your data on a computer, USB drive or cloud service.

Save your Device ID – A device ID (IMEI or MEID ) is a unique number associated with a smartphone that can identify devices if they are stolen. You should record the IMEI or MEID number and store it in a safe place.

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