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How do I Check if my Apple Device ID was Hacked?

AntiSec hacker group claims that they have stolen some 12 million Apple iOS Unique Device ID’s (UDIDs) from an FBI computer. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), it is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. Hackers claims that valuable personal information like user names, device names and phone numbers were compromised.

How do I get my UDID?

  • Plug your iOS device into a computer.
  • Open iTunes and click on your device in the left hand side.
  • iPhone name and serial number will appear in the right panel.
  • Click the serial number, which will make the UDID appear.

Is my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch affected?

If you’re worried you can check to see if your data was leaked at the LastPass secure tool here ( avoid entering your full UDID at this tool, just give the first 5 alpha numeric characters).

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