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What is Google Wallet ? – Features

Google wireless payment (mobile payments) Google Wallet will turn your phone into a wireless credit card wallet.

With the help of NFC wireless technology, virtual payment cards stored in your Google Wallet will act as a credit card. You can pay at the store register simply by waving your phone in front of a NFC reader.


What Phones Support Google Wallet?

Phones with has NFC chip built in will support Google Wallet.

  • Currently, Nexus S 4G (Sprint)
  • Google Wallet is not currently compatible with iPhone (as it iPhones dosen’t have NFC chip built in, it might be available in latest iPhone models )

How to pay with Google Wallet ?

Paying with Google Wallet is quick and easy

1) Look for the payment symbols at checkout (see pic below )

2) Tap your phone on the card reader
3) Your phone sends payment from your credit card account to the merchant account

Supported Cards on Google Wallet

  • Citi MasterCard
  • Google Prepaid Card (a virtual card that you can fund with any of your existing credit cards)
  • Gift/Loyalty cards(participating merchants only)

Is Google Wallet Secure ?

yes, your payments will be secure with the help of Google Wallet PIN. You have to enter your PIN that must be entered before making a purchase. Also, your card credentials are stored in encrypted format on the phone’s computer chip called the Secure Element, which only allow trusted programs on the Secure Element to access the payment credentials.

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