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Ever wished to sit inside a Headphone ?

sonicchair01.jpgThe sonic chair provides a unique audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very centre of a sound system. Whether you enjoy listening to symphony orchestras, rock concerts, or audio books – the integrated satellite speakers are precisely adapted to your ears.

The open design ensures a resonance-receptive, well-balanced sound environment. The active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island.

Background noises

Background noises will not disrupt the enjoyment of music or an audio book in the sonic chair, and what the listener chooses to hear is hardly audible beyond the chair.


Connect your iPod or Laptop
You can even connect your iPod or laptop and work without distraction, or listen to the latest CDs or audio books. The sonic chair is also ideal for waiting areas and for presenting music, audio books, films and texts at trade fairs, exhibitions and museums.

Without disturbing Others

At home, it will finally enable you to listen to your favourite concert at full volume without disturbing your family, your roommates, or your neighbours.

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