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ATT Restart Router Remotely or Manually

If you have AT&T U-verse internet and if it is sluggish you might want to reboot the Wi-Fi router or modem from time to time.

You can manually reboot or restart it remotely using ATT Smart Home Manager application.

ATT Smart Home Manager app or web (using computer) allows you to lookup all the devices connected to your internet and allows you to restart the modem remotely.

Here is step by step guide how to restart your AT&T U-verse modem remotely and manually.

Reboot your gateway modem remotely

Here is how you can restart/reboot AT&T modem remotely using Smart Home Manager application

1) Go to https://myhomenetwork.att.com or go to mobile app
2) Login using your AT&T userid and password
3) Click Devices

ATT reboot Devices

– Click Wi-Fi Gateway

ATT rebootWi-Fi Gateway

4) On the Wi-Fi Gateway page scroll down

5) Click Reboot Wi-Fi Gateway button

ATT Reboot Wi-Fi Gateway

6) On the reboot confirmation dialog box Click Reboot


Note: Wait up to 2-3 minutes for the gateway reboot

Warning: Do not disconnect the wires or turn off the power to the device while the reboot is in progress.

Rebooting your (2Wire 5268AC) Wi-Fi Gateway will temporarily prevent access to the internet and any associated services (e.g. VoIP) currently in use on this device or connected devices which depend on it. It should take approximately 5 minutes for the reboot to complete.

If you are on a Wi-Fi only device, please wait 5 minutes for the reboot to complete. Then refresh your browser to return to Smart Home Manager.

Reboot your gateway modem manually

1) Find your AT&T gateway or modem
2) Unplug the power cord of your AT&T gateway or modem
3) Wait for 60 seconds
4) Plug the power cord back in
Note: Wait 2-3 minutes for the for the gateway or modem reboot

How often should I reboot my wifi router ? You should restart/reboot your wifi-router time to time when it is sluggish.

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