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Android M – Features

Google announced version 6.0 of its mobile operating system Android on 28th May in Google I/O. As per the alphabetical ordering of its versions, this version is called as Android M. It is focused on improving core user experience.


Here are the Highlight Features of Android M

Flexible app permissions

Usually, permissions to use device capabilities like microphone, location, camera etc. are declared to user at the time of installation. If user denies any permission, app is not installed.

  • With Android M, permission is asked for the first time when user tries to use the capability after installation
  • User can modify or revoke already granted permission for a particular app
  • Alternatively, user can select a permission and check the list of apps for which it is granted
  • This feature helps developers for seamless app installation and to users so that they can use an app with permissions of their choice
  • This app permission model is available only with new SDK of Android M. Apps developed with earlier SDK have to use earlier model

Improved web experience

Till Android L, if an embedded link in an app is to be visited, it is either opened in the mobile web browser or developers used to make use Web View user control. While Web View is very useful as it avoids app switching, it has performance downfalls.

  • Android M has introduced Custom Chrome Tabs which slide on top of the app (as good as an overlay) and are easy to design with same look and feel of the app
  • User can save passwords, sign in into chrome tabs and also keep auto fill fields
  • These are much light weight and easy to design
  • User can any time tap on back button to go back to app

Mobile payments

  • NFC based mobile payments are now available with Android Pay
  • No app is required to open to make the payment. Just unlock the device and keep it at the terminal which is enabled to accept payment through Android Pay
  • They are secure as actual credit card number is not shared with the payment terminal instead a virtual account number is shared
  • In-app purchases can be done
  • Various partners have enabled support for this feature

Fingerprint recognition

  • Fingerprint recognition is included along with open authentication API
  • It can be used for device unlocking, NFC payments, play-store purchases
  • App authentication is simplified as user has to just touch the device instead of entering username and password

Improved power back up and charging

  • OS recognizes when the device is idle for long time with the help of motion detector. This time is referred as Doze Mode and app synchronizations are minimized in this period. This behavior has improved battery life in stand-by mode by 2 times.
  • Charging port is changed to USB Type-C which is faster, simpler and two-way. Therefore even your phone can charge other devices

Simplified volume controls

A new volume drawer is introduced which allows volume control for alarm, media, ringer from central place.

Direct share

The OS recognizes people with whom user shares content frequently and makes them available on a single tap while sharing any content.

Easy editing

Word by word and character by character selection and editing is made easier.

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