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Amazon Alexa 7 Mic voice tech – Access Request

Third-party device manufacturers has opportunity to use Alexa’s microphone tech behind Amazon Echo. OEMs can build their own far-field voice-activated products using the Amazon Alexa 7-Mic far-field development kit.

Amazon Alexa 7-Mic Far-Field Dev Kit enables hardware makers to launch new products that can detect a person’s voice on the other side of a room, where Amazon already has a proven working system.

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) allows you to integrate Alexa’s built-in voice capabilities into your connected products.


Amazon Alexa 7-Mic Far-Field Dev Kit
Designed to help commercial device manufacturers easily create far-field voice experiences, this development kit features the same 7-mic circular array and technology for “Alexa” wake word recognition, beam forming, noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, and barge-in capabilities found in the Amazon Echo. This solution is supported by leading chipset providers, enabling device manufacturers to quickly integrate Alexa voice capabilities into their products.

• Far-Field Voice Recognition

• Alexa wake word technology

• Compatible with leading chipset solutions

How to request access – Alexa 7 mic far field dev kit

Access is not open to everyone, it available to commercial device manufacturers (OEM’s) through an invite-only program, interested developers will have to apply here  and learn more about the reference solutions available for hardware manufactures to integrate Alexa.

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