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How to delete Temp files, History, Cookies ?

As we browser internet many temporary files accumulate on the computer. These files could be browsing history, cache, cookies, or temp folders. You can clear temporary and history files manually or use the windows cleanup utility. Most of the times spyware will hide in temp folders, even if you try to delete manually it won’t allow you to delete. Easy way to erase search history and temporary files is to use ATF Cleaner. ATF Cleaner is a handy little utility which will help you to delete temporary files accumulated by Windows on any drive.

ATF Cleaner is free which has options to delete/clean windows temp, current user temp, all users temp, cookies, temporary internet files, history, prefetch, java cache, recycle bin. You can delete Firefox Firefox cache, Firefox cookies, Firefox history, Firefox download history, Firefox saved form info, Firefox saved passwords by selecting Firefox tab in the ATF Cleaner menu bar.

ATF-Cleaner 3 supports Windows 98/ME/2K/XP and Vista, Download ATF cleaner here.

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