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Project Driveway – Hydrogen-powered Equinox Fuel Cell

Project Driveway, Project Driveway Hydrogen-powered Equinox Fuel Cell,Equinox Fuel Cell

General Motors’s largest test fleet of hydrogen-powered Equinox Fuel Cell SUVs is called Project Driveway..

“Project Driveway” is the first large-scale market test of fuel cell vehicles with real drivers in the real world. Equinox Fuel Cell is an electric vehicle powered by the GM fourth-generation fuel cell system, advanced fuel cell propulsion system to date. The electric motor traction system will provide the vehicle with instantaneous torque, smooth acceleration, and quiet performance.

Equinox Fuel Cell crossovers to customers in the New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. areas. Families will have vehicles for three months and won’t be charged for the use of the vehicles or the fuel but will have to provide feedback on their experiences.

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